Winning the Game

Galactic operations will continue with each commander accumulating victory points (VP). At a future specified time, which will be announced galaxy wide, operations will end. At that time, the federation and commanders with the most victory points will be declared winners and achieve galactic imperial status.

Victory points can be accumulated in a number of different ways. The three main ways are combat, planetary development and by occupying terrain.

Combat, Victory Points and Veteran Status

During combat, victory points are awarded for the number and type of ships destroyed, the number and types of PDBs destroyed, the number of Soldiers destroyed, and for the infrastructure, technologies and Personnel destroyed. During combined operations, the commander that owns the ship or Planetary Defense Base (PDB) that caused the combat asset to be destroyed gets the credit. Therefore, the ship that takes the kill shot gets the veteran status.

To encourage balanced competition, a player's combat victory points, and a ship's or PDB's veteran status, are awarded on a sliding scale. This scale is based on a commander's production and combat power. The production power is represented by the number of planets a commander owns. Should a commander engage in combat with another commander that has 15% or less planet ownership, then only 15% victory points or veteran status will be awarded. Should a commander, with few planets, engage in combat with another commander that has more planets, the commander, with fewer planets, may receive up to 150% of the possible victory points and veteran status.

For example, when using production power, if a commander with 10 planets attacks a commander with 3 planets, the commander with 10 planets will receive only 15% of the victory points or veteran status. If the commanders have an equal number of planets, the victory points will be awarded as listed in the below tables. Should a commander with 5 planets attack a commander with 15 planets, the commander with 5 planets will be awarded 150% of the victory points.

The sliding scale used for combat power is based on the combined fleet statistics. Similar to production power, if the opposing fleets are relatively unbalanced, the larger fleet will receive only 15% of the victory points or veteran status, while the smaller fleet may receive up to 150%.

For example, when using combat power, if a commander with fleet statistics of 1,000,000 attacks a second commander with fleet statistics of less than 150,000, then the first commander will receive only 15% of the victory points or veteran status. If the commanders have an equal fleet statistics, the victory points will be awarded as listed in the below tables. The second commander would be awarded 150% of the victory points.

When opposing fleets engage in combat, the victory points are calculated using both the production and combat power sliding scales. The results of the production power is added to the combat power results. For all other combat, only the production sliding scale is used.

Ship Type Victory Points Awarded
Colony Ship  Colony Ship 100
Small Cargo  Small Cargo 40
Marine Transport  Marine Transport 100
Salvage Ship  Salvage Ship 50
Recon  Recon 40
Corvette  Corvette 60
Frigate  Frigate 100
Large Cargo  Large Cargo 140
Destroyer  Destroyer 160
Black Ops Ship  Black Ops Ship 40
Light Cruiser  Light Cruiser 200
Heavy Cruiser  Heavy Cruiser 260
Battleship  Battleship 320
Dreadnought  Dreadnought 400
Mobile Shipyard  Mobile Shipyard 250
PDB Type Victory Points Awarded
Defensive Satellite  Defensive Satellite 20
Rail Gun  Rail Gun 40
Laser Cannon  Laser Cannon 60
Microwave Lance  Microwave Lance 100
Ion Cannon  Ion Cannon 140
Plasma Cannon  Plasma Cannon 160
Dark Matter Battery  Dark Matter Battery 200
Quark Beam Artillery  Quark Beam Artillery 260
Missile Platform  Missile Platform 320
Orbital Defense Base  Orbital Defense Base 400
Item Destroyed Victory Points Awarded
Soldiers  Soldiers 1VP for 100
Personnel  Personnel 1VP for 100
Factories  Factories 4
Mines  Mines 4
Power Plants  Power Plants 4
Hydroponics  Hydroponics 4
Environment  Environment 3
Social  Social 2
Technology Skill Point 1

Planetary Development

A commander is also awarded victory points for developing controlled territory. Improving a planet's infrastructure, such as increasing it's Factories, Mines, Power Plants, Hydroponics, Environment, and Social parameters adds 5 VP, while researching technologies provides 0.1 VP for each point of technical enhancement.

Occupying Terrain

Victory points are awarded daily for both friendly and enemy held planets. Home worlds and colonized planets, that have an active population, are worth 50 VP while occupied territories are worth 200 VP daily. Jump gate victory points are awarded based on the jump gate's level and if the jump gate is occupied. The victory point awarded are the same as for planets except the points are multiplied against the jump gate level. Again only live planets and jump gates, with a population greater than zero, will receive victory points.

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