Production and Resources

Over time, each planet produces Products, Refined Metals, Energy Units, and Consumables (food and water). These resources are spent on planetary improvements, ships, defenses or on research and development in various technology areas. The table below shows which resource producer generates which resource. Note that on conquered planets the cost of all items increases.

Producer Resource
Factories  Factories Products  Products
Mines  Mines Refined Metals  Refined Metals
Power Plants  Power Plants Energy Units  Energy Units
Hydroponics  Hydroponics Consumables  Consumables

Therefore, increasing the number of Factories will produce more Products, while more Mines creates Refined Metals, Power Plants generate Energy Units and Hydroponics produces Consumables.

An additional resource cost that does not have a producer is Personnel. The planetary personnel grows or shrinks over time based on Social and Environment factors. Additionally, some items such as ships and planetary defense bases, must be purchased with Soldiers. Soldiers are purchased using Personnel.

Once an item, or group of items, has been purchased, the build message is displayed letting the commander know how many items are left to complete, and how much time is left before the build completes. Only one group of items can be built at a time on each planet. However groups of items can be added to the queue, such as, purchasing 10 mines, or 400 soldiers, or 500 administration, etc. With the use of the additional build item bonus, more than one group of items can be queued up for building. The second group's build time will be appended to the time of the first build group.

Cancel Build, 75% Resources Returned The cancel build button is located to the left of the build message. When selected, any remaining items that have not been built will be canceled. Please note that only 75% of the original resources will be returned.

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