Within and outside Dark Expanse©, there are a number of additional resources that can provide information. Those resources are listed below.


The Manual page spawns another browser instance or browser tab and displays this manual.


The Forums page links the commander to the Dark Expanse© forums for debate and comment. Everyone is encouraged to register and to participate in the discussions.

Interactive Tutorial

The interactive tutorial automatically starts for each player at the beginning of each new galaxy. The interactive tutorial can be started and stopped at any time. Each lesson can be reviewed and executed as many times as needed, but the rewards are only provided for the first successful execution.

Dark Expanse Wiki

The Dark Expanse Wiki page links the commander to the Dark Expanse wiki where the players can add more content about the game.

Recommended Reading

The Recommended Reading page provides a number of books and stories which are recommended when not playing Dark Expanse©. Please provide additional support to Dark Expanse© by clicking through the images to make your purchases on


The Links page provides a number of links to various authors, artists, publishers and other items of interest. The Dark Expanse Press Kit is linked as well.

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