Getting Started

The following are a few quick steps that will allow you to quickly get started building your own Dark Expanse© empire, planets, and fleets. Before you can begin enhancing your home planet, you will need to do the following steps:

  • Register for an account
  • Log in and select a race, government type and starting sector
  • Begin developing your home planet
  • Build up your planet's technologies
  • Turn on the bonuses

1) Register for an account.
On the Dark Expanse© homepage, click on the Registration button. This will take you to the Registration page. Carefully read and follow the instructions to register for an account. Due to aggressive spam filters, be sure to check your spam or junk email folders first if you do not receive our email.

2) Log in and select a race, government type and starting sector.
After you log in, you will be asked to choose a race, a government type and a starting sector. Racial types will modify some of the effects within the game. Some races have offense benefits, some defensive benefits and some are better at exploration. The selection page has links to each racial type which contains additional information. Choosing a government changes the cost of certain items. Some government types are more or less efficient at producing various products. Again, the selection page has links to each government type for additional details. The sector selection will show you the available sectors that are open for colonization. These sectors are randomly selected around the galactic core. Each available sector will have a current population percentage so that you can select a sector whose population density is best suited to your command style. Once the racial type, government type and sector have been selected, execute your choices by clicking the Submit Selections button.

3) Begin developing your home planet.
At this point, your home planet will be displayed and you will begin to develop your empire. The first order of business is to increase your planet's production capabilities to maximum. To do this, focus on building up your Factories, Mines, Power Plants, and Hydroponics to maximum. Also try boosting your Environment and Social at the same time, as these also affect your production rates.

4) Build up your planet's technologies.
Improving planetary technologies will allow you to enhance the planet's production, travel between stars, or develop stronger defenses and ships. One critical technology is Astrogation. Without this technology, your fleets will not be able to navigate between the stars. Another important technology is Shipyard. By increasing this technology, your planet will be able to build bigger ships and planetary defense bases (PDB). Before building that first ship, you need to have points in each of the ship technologies. Since planetary defenses help to defend the planet, it is recommended that the PDB technologies be improved early on, along with purchasing additional defenses.

5) Turn on the bonuses.
Within the main menu, there is the Bonus page link. The bonuses can improve the planet's production, your offense and defense, and provide other benefits. Go to the Bonus page to see what types of bonuses are available. For the initial account, you will be given 50 free credits to spend on any of the bonuses. It is recommended that you increase the planet's production abilities. This will increase the resource generation and allow for faster planetary improvement and result in the ability to purchase more items.

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