Federations are the association by which commanders join together for mutual defense and attack. The members are linked through the creation of jump gates. Jump Gates are only available for use by federation members.

Creating a Federation

Any commander can create a federation at any time. The only requirement is that the federation name be unique. Select the Edit Preferences page by going to the Main Menu/Federation/Create Federation or by going to Administration/Edit Preferences. The federation name must be between 4 and 30 characters long.The name may contain only letters, numbers and spaces. No duplicate federation or player names will be accepted.

Federation Membership and Levels

Membership can be obtained through invitation from the federation leader, or by submitting an application. An application can be submitted on the federation's profile page by using the "Request Membership" button. The federation leader will then decide to accept or reject your application.

A federation obtains levels through ongoing donation of Victory Points (VP) from the members. When a commander earns VP, any percentage they donate will go to the federation and be reduced from their personal VP. To donate VP to a federation, be sure to set the percentage within Administration/Edit Preferences page.

Level Victory Points Required Max Members Per Level NAP Per Level
1 0 3 1
2 5000 6 1
3 25000 9 1
4 100000 12 2
5 300000 15 2
6 600000 18 2
7 1000000 21 3
8 2000000 24 3
9 3000000 27 3
10 4000000 30 4

Non Aggression Pact (NAP)

The Non Aggression Pact is an agreement between federations that allows the member's fleets to be in the same location without attacking each other. A NAP can be initiated only by the federation leader and the NAP is displayed to only the federation members on the federation's profile page. The NAP will last for two weeks once initiated, but can be renewed by either federation leader at any time. The renewed NAP will restart the two week timer from the point of renewal. The number of NAP available to the federation are based on each federation's level.

The NAP only applies to other federations with a NAP and is not transferable. This means that should federation A, have a NAP with federation B and C, then anytime federation A's fleets are in the same place with federation B or C, then combat will not occur. However, even though there is a A-B NAP and a A-C NAP, there is no implied B-C NAP. So if federation B and C fleets were to show up at A's location, then federation B and C fleets would engaged in combat, while federation A's fleets will not engage in the conflict.

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