Heavy Cruiser

Larger and better armed than the Light Cruiser, these warships are definitely ships-of-the-line. Typically, as part of a large attack fleet, the Heavy Cruisers become the middle layer of fleet defense. When a main battle fleet is not needed, their mission is acting as the flag ship for a small fleet of Destroyers and Cruisers. The small task force might be located at a new colony, or in some star system where a strong presence is required. These small task forces are not a major commitment like the solar system defense fleet, but can be used for planetary defense or even heavily armed convoy duty...

A man-of-war is the best ambassador.   Commander Oliver Cromwell

Cost Per Unit: Products   6,750 Refined Metals   12,000 Energy Units   6,000 Consumables   5,000 Soldier    3,100
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