Heavy Cruiser

Larger and better armed than the Light Cruiser, these warships are definitely ships-of-the-line. Typically, as part of a large attack fleet, the Heavy Cruisers become the middle layer of fleet defense. When a main battle fleet is not needed, their mission is acting as the flag ship for a small fleet of Destroyers and Cruisers. The small task force might be located at a new colony, or in some star system where a strong presence is required. These small task forces are not a major commitment like the solar system defense fleet, but can be used for planetary defense or even heavily armed convoy duty...

Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.   General George S. Patton

Cost Per Unit: Products   6,750 Refined Metals   12,000 Energy Units   6,000 Consumables   5,000 Soldier    3,100
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