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Klyve Ganthe is a Kyoti, a race of liars, tricksters and con artists. As the Corona Corporation abandons the planet Nimbas, suddenly Kyle finds himself in charge. Armed with his wits, a telepathic advisor, and a nagging mother-in-law, Klyve must struggle to bring together the disgruntled factions and keep Nimbas from being overrun by the Logorasch swarm.

A planet on the edge of chaos. Can Kyle make Nimbas As Good as Bad Can Get?

For additional exciting stories in the Dark Expanse universe, purchase "Surviving the Collapse" exclusively on Amazon. Within this volume, you'll find eighteen short stories that flesh out this universe. From humorous to bone-chilling, from the time of the Collapse itself to the game's 'present, several hundred years later, these tales explore different aspects and periods of the Dark Expanse storyline, You'll meet heroes and villains, space pirates and black ops operatives, mad telepaths and crusading zealots.

Dark Expanse: Surviving the Collapse is good, old-fashioned space adventure fun, explored by some of the most talented modern science fiction writers, such as Hugo and Nebula Award winner Ken Liu, Philip K. Dick Award winner David Walton, Hugo and Nebula nominee Nancy Fulda, and a slew of others whose names regularly grace prestigious science fiction magazines.

Board your stealth ship, and let us take you on the sightseeing tour of the Collapse!

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Dark Expanse Music

Planets of a Dark Expanse

This album marks the first solo release from Kohr. It is a throwback to the originators of electronic music and the soundtracks of classic role playing video games. Planets of a Dark Expanse was originally produced for the game Dark Expanse (Deorc.com). Each song represents a classification of planet from the game.

These instrumental songs are imbedded with original effects that fill each soundscape with visceral complexity. The entirety of the album was created by Kohr (Kevin Ohr) including the writing, performance, recording, mixing, mastering, and artwork.

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